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Hassle Free Tradesmen To Your Door!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Highly Skilled Tradesmen!
Fast Competitive Quotes!

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London's No'1 Tradesmen & Handyman Service.

No Hourly Charges!

A wide range of trades and services....

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No Hourly Charges!

All in one convenient place.

Get work done the easy way!

No more scouring the internet or comparison sites to find the right tradesmen.

Hassle Free Tradesmen To Your Door!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Highly Skilled Tradesmen!
Fast Competitive Quotes!

Need us to Beat a Quote?

We'll always attempt to beat any realistic quote.

Let us know what you've been quoted and chances are we'll beat it!

On a tight Budget?

Make us an offer for the work that you require and we'll see if we can provide the work at your desired price.

Get A Quote! Easy as 1..2..3
1. Call, email or use the 'Quick Quote'  Form.
2. We will contact you back by telephone or email within 60 minutes with your quote unless we need to visit. This will be arranged with you.
3. If you are happy to proceed, let us know and we will make suitable arrangements with you for work to start.
'Quick Quote' Form

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A Few Important Points..

When contacting us for a quote, please be as detailed as you can. Where possible, please specify the size of the space being worked on, like for example room size or wall size etc. Providing us with a picture of the area is also really helpful, this allows us to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. This means we won't always need to visit.

If you choose to provide certain materials yourself, for example a particular wall paint you'd like to use or a specific type of tile etc, please specify this when you request a quote, we will then of course quote you accordingly inclusive of any additional materials required to complete the job. We're flexible and happy to make suitable arrangements with you so that you get the high quality finish you want.

PLEASE NOTE, for work where materials exceed a certain amount, we may sometimes require a 25% upfront materials deposit.

This is not applicable where the customer is financing all key materials.

Why would we take an upfront deposit payment?

This payment is purely so that we can provide the required materials to be able to start the work. Regardless of what some may say, this is standard practice within the industry and It protects us from potential financial losses should a customer change their mind last minute after materials have been purchased for the job, we like to be transparent and fair. You will ofcourse receive a receipt for any deposit payment made and an additional receipt when the work is complete and the final completion payment is made. You'll be happy to know that unlike many other companies, we do not mark up the price of materials! We don't feel this is fair on our customers. If we make savings on materials, so do you!

For larger projects only, payment may sometimes be required in stages throughout the job, via mutual agreement by 'both parties', however this is rare and under normal circumstances there's absolutely nothing to pay until the job is completed.

You would only pay a 25% deposit if the materials cost is high which in our experience is very rare. Any agreement made prior to work starting will always be upheld by us. Stage payments are only applicable for long duration higher costing jobs and will always be discussed with you in detail prior to any work starting.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

We know you'll love any of the work we do for you! Formalities are the boring part!

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